Aluminum Ultrasonic Horn

Aluminum Ultrasonic Horn

Aluminum Alloy Ultrasonic Horn Ultrasonic horn is the core parts for the ultrasonic welding system, the horn material includes titanium, aluminum and steel. Aluminum alloy horn is the cheapest one.


Booster material: steel, aluminum, titanium
Connecting screw specification: M3/8*24, M16*1, M8*1
Diameter of the mounting flange: 33-63mm

•High efficiency: mechanical quality factor is high, the resonant frequency of work available to a very high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.
•Large amplitude: The computer optimized design of the structure, vibration ratio is high, front cover a large amplitude.
•Big power: in the pre-stressed screw under the action of piezoelectric ceramic energy to be thegreatest play.
•Heat Resistance: the resonant impedance, heat a small, wide temperature range.


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