Desktop Press Machine

Desktop Press Machine


Ultrasonic press machines use a pressure-adjustable piston system and ultrasonic welding equipment to weld plastic materials together. It is used in many sectors such as plastic, packaging, toy, automotive, electronics and white goods production by being customized according to needs. Compared to bonding methods using old generation heaters or various chemicals, faster, affordable and high-strength products can be produced.

Khz and Power: It can be customized in the range of 20-35 Khz 1000-3000W according to the need.

  • Voltage: 220V/110V±10%
  • Product dimensions and weights vary according to the working principle of the product and the type of product.
  • Horn counter angle adjustment
  • Ultrasonic press pressure setting solenoid valve
  • Timer
  • Manual height adjustment
  • Portable portable desktop suitable for working


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