Ultrasonic Welding Generator Analog 20khz

Ultrasonic Welding Generator Analog 20khz


TNC-2000A is new ultrasonic welding generator with a digital control panel, it is automatically frequency tracking, so you don’t need to tune manually.

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Automatic frequency tracking: the system automatically tracks the resonant frequency of the welding head.Compensation for dissonance due to heating and other reasons.
Digital frequency control: the working frequency is controlled by the microcontroller.
Digital amplitude setting: this feature allows users to set precise amplitudes according to application requirements, providing a greater range and repeatability than analog systems.
Large amplitude adjustable: 1%~100% continuously adjustable, different from the traditional generator low amplitude difficult to work.
High-speed microcontroller: the operating frequency of the internal microcontroller is up to 168MHz, which can accurately and timely control the working situation.
0.5 ms control and sampling interval: 2000 times per second sampling and control for the welding process.
Touch screen display: through color screen and touch, friendly and easy to use human-computer interaction, better experience.
Button and touch co-exist: common functions can provide better interaction through buttons. One of the buttons use silicone keys, feel better.
Oblique startup: ultrasonic power supply and solder head start-up at the most appropriate rate to reduce electromechanical pressure on the system.
Vibration drop after welding: the user can start the ultrasonic wave after the welding and pressure retaining process to shake down the workpiece adhered to the welding head.
Welding quality monitoring: user-defined process alarm. When it is outside the scope of user-defined defective products, the system will generate an alarm to remind the user.
Diagnosis at startup: during startup, test the main components of the system.
Timing frequency search: when starting up, the system shall conduct a frequency search every minute to update the resonant frequency of the welding head. This is especially effective for a welding process which can affect the temperature of the welding head.

Application: plastic welding, non-woven fabrics welding and so on.


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